We Are Pantera

But we're not 'that' Pantera (as in the band) nor are we 'that' Pantera (as in the sportscar) though, there is a funny story about that one. We are Pantera, as in a leading provider of software tools for the construction industry. Since our humble, bootstrapped beginning in 2009 we have strived to provide the latest and greatest construction management tools on the market.

The past few years have seen the market flooded with new apps and widgets intended to improve construction, but in the end they just make things more complex. We like to keep things simple, reducing complexity in favor of efficiency, and that philosophy is embedded in our software. That doesn't mean we aren't seeking improvements and innovations, quite the opposite, we are constantly 'sharpening our saw' on the look out for new ways to streamline our product and make our clients operations more efficient.

We are more than our product however, we are a team of construction loving tech nerds who speak the language and know our stuff. Learn more about our team below.

Our People

Dewayne's Photo

DeWayne Adamson

Founder & CEO

Bart's Photo

Bart Adamson

Co-Founder & COO

Gary's Photo

Gary Pind

Operations Manager

Mary's Photo

Mary Naquin

Director of Customer Service
Pantera Division

Shelby's Photo

Shelby Roehre

Director of Customer Service
ProQual Division

Susie's Photo

Susie Martzahl

Account Executive

Lyn's Photo

Lyn Winburn

Account Executive

Lisa's Photo

Lisa Marks

Accounting Manager

Cindy's Photo

Cindy Pind

Account Manager

Gennie's Photo

Gennie Henry

Account Manager

Ashley's Photo

Ashley Martin

Account Manager

Amber's Photo

Amber Nichols

Account Manager

Drew's Photo

Andrew Schweninger

Production Manager

David's Photo

David Lahti

Chief Programmer

Evan's Photo

Evan Schulte

Chief Programmer

Dave's Photo

Dave Gerstner

Digital Processing

Brooke's Photo

Brooke Potter

Digital Processing Lead

Myles's Photo

Myles Mahoney

Digital Processing

Stuart's Photo

Stuart Hopson

Digital Processing

John's Photo

John Cook


Sheri's Photo

Sheri Ryder

Customer Service

Heather's Photo

Heather Williams

Customer Service

Debbie's Photo

Debbie Herrem

Customer Service

Cindy's Photo

Cindy Holt

Quality Control

Kim's Photo

Jo Cutrer

Verifications Specialist

Anita's Photo

Anita White

Verifications Specialist

Kimberly's Photo

Kimberly Milner

Verifications Specialist

Rebecca's Photo

Rebecca Snow

Verifications Specialist

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